Research Papers

Research papers which will be presented at the Workshop this year can be found below by clicking on the paper citation. Upon clicking the file, it will open as a PDF document in a new browser window.

  1. Careaga, M. Methodological Challenges In Collective Leadership.
  2. Carter, D. & DeChurch L. A Semantic Network Analysis Approach to Studying Leadership System Emergence.
  3. Ciulla, J. The Moral Assumptions Behind Collective Leadership
  4. Crosby, B.C. Collective Leadership And Hosting.
  5. Cullen-Lester, K. & Gerbasi, A. Quantifying Collective Leadership Processes And Patterns With Network Analysis.
  6. Cunliffe, A. Philosophical Underlabouring: Clearing The Ground For Research On Collective Leadership.
  7. Fairhurst, G.T. A Dialectical and Multiplex View Of Leadership: A Response To Plural Leadership Research Challenges.
  8. Hatmaker, D. Smith, A.E., & Rethemeyer, R.K. Leadership in and As Innovation Networks: A Framework for Examining How Collective Leadership Emerges Over Time
  9. Hornstrup, C. & Storch, J. Leading Relational Coordination – A Danish Case Study.
  10. Husar Holmes, M. Constructing A DICCe Framework To Assess The Micro-Processes Of Relational Leadership.
  11. Kark, R. & Preser, R. The Socio Political Dynamics of Collective Leadership: Methodological Challenges from a Critical Feminist Perspective.
  12. Logan, C., Hoffer Gittell, J., & Lindberg C. Leadership and Organizational Change in Complex Systems: Insights from Complexity Science and Relational Coordination Theory.
  13. Mele, V. & Cappellaro, G. On Alignment And Triangulation. A Methodological Journey Into Shared Leadership.
  14. Otter, K. The Participatory Turn: Widening the Lens of Inquiry into Collective Leadership.
  15. Park, J.G., Zhu, W. & Kwon, B. Coming To Make Decisions Together: Theoretical Themes, Proximal Antecedents, And Outcomes Of Shared Leadership.
  16. Quick, K. & Feldman, M.S. Connecting Inclusive Management and Collective Leadership Through Emergence.
  17. Simpson, B. Researching Leadership As A Social Process.
  18. Vangen, S. Researching Leadership For Collaborative Advantage.